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Tijuana Tacos or carne asada tacos

 There are American tacos (shredded cheese, lettuce and ground beef) :(
there are authenitic Mexican tacos wheich we got used to living in San Diego and travelling to Mexico so much.

So here's the real deal:

Soft corn tortillas (if possible, buy these in a hispanic market and not a grocery store)

thinly sliced grilled beef (I use London broil cut)

pico de gallo (finely chopped red onion, cilantro and diced plum tomato - firm,  jalapeno pepper , salt and pepper, and a touch of lime juice

guacamole (smashed avocado, a little garlic salt, and some fresh salsa)

chopped cilantro

Slice the beef and grill hot and fast
have other ingredients ready
grill the tortillas quickly also and then assemble the tacos.

goes great with Spanish rice and black bean salsa

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